Diwali Activity Bundle Printable

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Diwali is an upcoming holiday that is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. For preschoolers, it can be a fun opportunity to learn about the culture and celebrate with some fun activities. This Mega Activity bundle printable includes Learning pages, games, puzzles, colouring sheets and more to help get your little one in the Diwali spirit!

Diwali Activity Pack printable for kids

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What’s included in the Diwali Bundle?

This printable bundle has everything you need to learn about Diwali and keep your little ones entertained during the festive week. Let’s have a Quick glimpse of the contents of the pack in the video.

I made this printable pack for my daughter who will be 5 years in a month. My Idea was to make a complete Activity book that has various fun things to do along with information Pages that teaches about Diwali. So this book has learning pages, Hands-on activities, a ton of worksheets, colouring pages, drawing props, quizzes and more.

I am sure that this will keep little ones engaged for a week.

The Mega Diwali Activity Printable Bundle

Part one is the information Pages where you have facts and stories about Diwali. Kids will be learning

  • What is Diwali
  • How do we celebrate Diwali?
  • 5 days of Diwali
  • Significance of the festival
  • Story of Naragasura
  • Story of Ramayana
  • Map of Ramayana
  • Key Facts

Roll and Cover mat is a fun way to Practice Subitizing and Number recognition. This pack includes 5 Mats with Rangoli, Diyas, lanterns, and Sweets perfect to work on math during Diwali.

Diwali Roll and Cover Mats


Number and word Puzzle

Visual perception puzzles and interesting as well as challenging. Kids look for colour and pattern combinations and solve them.

Diya Counting is another hands-on way to practice counting from 1 to 10. There is another activity to practice Uppercase vs lowercase with Ram and sita.

A ton of Worksheets, colouring pages and Scissors skills are sure to provide a fun-filled day.

These are Ramayana puppets, which kids can make easily by folding and glueing. Perfect for storytelling! The pack also has Quizzes and would you rather questions.

How to make the bundle? 

You can print the pages as required and bind them all as a book. I recommend comb binding or organising them in a Ring-binder.

For learning pages, quizzes and Handson activities we used thick paper for printing. For worksheets and Colouring pages, we used thin 80 GSM papers for printing.

Get the Diwali Activity Bundle Printable


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If you get this pack, I would love to learn how your child enjoyed these activities. Do share your feedback with me.

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