Critical Thinking Worksheets

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Critical thinking Worksheets for kids

Your Child will love to solve these Critical thinking worksheets. It is a simple yet very Engaging activity that requires kids to wear their Thinking hats.

A perfect activity for 2- 4-year-old kids to do this Summer holiday. This can be used as a File folder interactive activity or a cut and paste activity, Whichever your child prefers.

critical thinking skills for kidsThis post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will be compensated if you click through and take action at no additional cost. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Pool Float Animal Recognition activity

So what is this activity all about?

The child needs to Recognize/Identify the creature in two different representations and match them up. This will reinforce the Critical thinking ability and Visual Perception skills of the kid. 

There are 16 animals represented as a Pool float (Includes Mammals, birds,  and Sea creatures) in the activity pages. And 16 loose parts, which are Real images of the same Creatures.

critical thinking worksheets and image cards

First, Kids observe the feature of the animal in the Pool Float, and they Recognise and Name it. Then, they Pick the Image and place it in the black space below the float.

I love watching my child while doing these types of activities. She, too, enjoys it and is so content when she can solve them all!

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What is Critical thinking skills, and why is it so important for kids?

In simple words, Critical thinking Skills is the Ability to Interpret the given information and make a Reasoned judgement.

Generally, it involves Observation, analysis, inference and decision making. Critical thinkers are Good problem-solvers. They can easily distinguish the useful and useless information to make a decision.

Critical thinking ability is essential for kids of all ages. Kids need to be good critical thinkers to make sense of the world around them and make judgments.

There is no one activity to teach your child how to think critically, but we can allow them to navigate Simple problems/tasks like these in their day-to-day lives.

Here is a short clip of the Critical thinking activity worksheets

This instant download printable pack has 4 activity pages and 2 cut-out pages(16 images).  Get your printable from our Etsy shop.

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3 Ways to prepare this activity.

This is an easy-prep activity, and you can prepare this activity in three ways:

  • Print on Cardstock and use them (Eco-friendly way. We did this way and have stored them in Letter envelopes)
  • Print on Normal printing paper, Insert the Activity pages in Clear sheet protectors and play.
  • Laminate the pages and add Self-Adhesive velcros for affixing loose parts (Recommended method for multiple usages.) Then, You can add this to your Leaning binder.

So visit my Etsy shop and Start Printing now.

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recognize the animal- critical thinking

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If you want to laminate this activity, this video will help you through the process. How to Laminate and make Learning binder activities

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