Counting on fingers page of our quiet book

Counting on fingers

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We made our first quiet book and this is the front page of the book. As the book focuses on counting activities, I designed the front page with ‘counting on fingers’ action in mind. All elements on the page implies that it is a counting book.  Counting on fingers page This blog post covers simple instructions on how I did the front page. To know the materials needed, how to bind the book, and how to cut felt, please check my main page here. It also has links for the free templates of the other pages. 

How I made the counting on fingers page

First, I marked the footprint of my baby’s hand on 2mm felt and cut 2 pieces. Glued the palm part over the base acrylic sheet.  Now the fingers can be folded and unfolded. I installed a popsicle stick to insert and hold the folded finger. This is completely optional and can also be skipped. Instead, you can use velcro as well for the same function. cOUNTING ON FINGERS FELT HAND Next, I made the number flag with toothpicks and 1mm felt. Marked the numbers on the flag with a permanent marker. QUIET BOOK nUMBER FLAGS Finally, I grabbed a big patch of felt and glued it in a way leaving small gaps to make a place for the flags to be inserted. Added few twisted strips and a flower for aesthetics and finally, it looked complete. FRONT PAGE QUIET BOOK Want to see the other pages of this book? Check out the video
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