Christmas Charades Cards Printable

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Looking for holiday fun? Try Christmas Charades! Download our Christmas Charades cards Printable for a festive game night with family and friends.

It was one of the 25 Christmas Activities we planned for the Countdown to Christmas this year. I couldn’t believe how much laughter this game brought to Evening. It’s the perfect post-dinner game.

Whether with family, classmates, or colleagues, Christmas Charades is sure to add merriment to your holiday season.

Enjoy this classic game that promises fun and engagement for everyone!

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Christmas Charades Cards Printable

The cards feature a variety of Christmas-themed Pictures with words. A total of 20 carefully selected options are ideal for kids to act out creatively.

Since these are picture cards, kids who are yet to read can also join the fun.

How to Play Christmas Charades?

Cut out the Christmas Charades cards and place them face down on the Table.

Divide the players into teams.

The first player from Team 1 selects a card from the bowl without revealing the Picture.  Without speaking or using props, the player acts out the word/Picture on the card. The goal is for their team to guess correctly.

If the team guesses correctly, they earn a point. Rotate turns between teams, with players taking turns acting and guessing.

Continue playing rounds until all the cards are used. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Christmas Charades Cards Printable

If you have a small group, you can play individually.

This classic party game is fun and engaging to get everyone in the festive spirit.

If you’re having a good time with this game, be sure to explore Christmas Would You Rather Questions as well. Access them on the blog or opt to download the free printable version and enjoy the festive fun!

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Christmas Charades Cards Printable

Download the Christmas Charades Cards Printable

We hope you enjoy playing Christmas Charades this holiday season!

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