Chalk Pastel Firework Art

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kids will enjoy creating this unique art project: Chalk Pastel Firework Art. This cool art project is Perfect for New Year, Diwali, 4th of July, or any celebration!

This project is easy and takes just a few minutes and would make an excellent classroom project – imagine a vibrant display of diverse fireworks art!

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Chalk Pastel Firework Art

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Things Needed for Chalk Pastel Firework Art

Video tutorial on how to make Chalk Pastel Fireworks Art

Directions for Chalk Pastel Firework Art

You can create this artwork on any dark-coloured paper; black or dark blue are ideal for capturing the vividness of fireworks.

Begin by lightly sketching the outline of your firework with a pencil. Keep it simple with 6-8 lines spreading out from a central point, focusing on a larger burst at the heart of your design.

Drawing Firework lines on Black paper


Select vibrant chalk pastel colours for your creation. Limit each firework to 3 to 4 colours to maintain a lively effect without overwhelming the eye.

Start with one colour and trace with pastel over your pencil lines.

Drawing Firework lines using Yellow pastel on Black paper

Introduce denser lines in a contrasting shade to add depth and definition.

Drawing Firework art using pastels


For added intricacy, consider using a third colour or applying dots with white pastels to simulate the sparkle of fireworks.

Extend the theme by crafting smaller fireworks in the surrounding space using the same technique.

Drawing Firework art using pastels

Children will enjoy experimenting with different colours, sizes, and patterns inspired by fireworks displays.

Chalk pastel firework displays

While chalk pastels are wonderfully colourful, they can be messy if not handled carefully. Avoid smudging by treating them gently. Once your artwork is complete, lightly shake off any excess dust or gently blow it away.

Take care to protect it from smudges by sandwiching it between two sheets of paper if storing or transporting.

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Chalk Pastel Firework Art

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