Carrot Template Printable

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Carrot craft time! Create fantastic works of art for any occasion – Easter, farms or harvest themes. Our Carrot Template printable offers plenty of potential to do unique projects like never before. Get creative with your choice and let the crafting begin!


Carrot Printable Template

Our FREE printable template brings the freshness of nature into your home or classroom! We guarantee our versatile templates will have you hopping with joy when it comes to crafting creativity!

Carrot Template in Small, Medium and Large Size

These carrot templates can be printed and used to create a variety of crafts or art projects. They can also be used as colouring pages with different mediums. For process art, the templates can be cut out to create carrot-shaped pieces. They can also be used as templates to cut pieces out for other projects.

carroyt template in small , medium and large sizes

Carrot Template in two parts

This special carrot template can be printed directly on orange and green paper and be cut out to make beautiful carrots. This also includes 2 different sizes.

Carrot template for crafts


Carrot card Template

The Carrot Card Template for kids is a fun and creative way to make personalized cards for any occasion. Simply print out the template, cut along the lines, and fold in half to create a cute carrot-shaped card.

Kids can then use their creativity to decorate the card with their own designs, stickers, or messages. The Carrot Card Template is a great activity for kids to do at home or in the classroom, and it’s sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Carrot Writing template with lines

These Carrot Writing templates with lines are a great tool for students, writers, or anyone who wants to add a bit of creativity to their writing.

Carrot Writing template with lines

Coloured carrot Template

The Carrot Template can be used in various sizes to create different types of designs. Here are some ideas for using the Carrot Template in small, medium, and large sizes:

Small Size carrot template:

  1. Stickers: The Carrot Template can be used to create cute and quirky stickers for planners, journals, or laptops.
  2. Gift tags: Use the small Carrot Template to create gift tags for Easter baskets or spring-themed gifts.
  3. Cupcake toppers: Print out the small Carrot Template on cardstock and use a toothpick to create fun cupcake toppers.
  4. Snowman nose: Making a Snowman craft? use these carrots as the nose.

carrot template in colour

Medium Size carrot Template:

  1. Easter Garland: Use the medium Carrot Template to create a fun and festive garland for Easter or a spring event.
  2. Banners: Use the medium Carrot Template to create a banner for a springtime party or event.
  3. Art Prints: Use the medium Carrot Template to create a fun and colourful art print for your home.

Large Size carrot Template:

  1. Wall Decor: Print and cut out the large Carrot Template to create a wall hanging or decor for your home.
  2. Party Decorations: Use the large Carrot Template to create a focal point for your spring or Easter-themed party.
  3. Photo Backdrop: Use the large Carrot Template to create a fun and festive backdrop for Easter or springtime photos.

More Carrot Crafts and Activity Ideas with these Carrot templates

  • Carrot Colouring
  • Torn Paper Carrot Craft
  • Dot marker Painting
  • Make carrot Garland
  • Make carrot Cards
  • Make a Snowman
  • Create Letter Carrots
  • Include these carrots in Vegetable Farm
  • Include these carrots in Shop Pretend play

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carrot template printable

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Download the Carrot Template PDF

Download and print these 10+ Carrot Printable Templates. There are free Template PDF Files that will open in a new tab for you to download and print.

This PDF contains over 10 templates, but if you require a particular Carrot template that is not included, please leave a comment so that I can add it to the collection.


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