Cardboard Pretend Play Pizza

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Here is the latest addition to our play kitchen – the Cardboard Pretend Play Pizza! It’s absolutely adorable, and my daughter can’t get enough of it.

We crafted it to be the size of a medium pizza, approximately 30 centimetres in diameter, complete with 8 slices!

Creating this fun toy is a breeze. Let me guide you through the steps.

Diy cardboard Pretend Play pizza

Things you need to make the Cardboard Pretend play Pizza

  • Cardboard,
  • Cutter
  •  cutting mat
  • Cardstock paper – Many colours for food
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Scissors!
  • Yellow Washable paint
  • Brush

That’s all you need to whip up this fantastic addition to your play kitchen.

Step By Step Direction to Make the Cardboard Pizza

Take a large sheet of cardboard and use a plate or compass to draw a circle. Cut it out and divide it into 8 equal parts with a Pencil. Now cut it again.

Now you’ve got 8 triangular cardboard pieces.

cardboard Pizza Base

Start painting each slice, leaving a 1 cm gap at the edge of the crust. This yellow paint represents the cheese. Don’t forget to paint a long strip of cardboard yellow too; we’ll use it later to create extra cheese pieces.

Paint the pizza Slices

While the paint dries, let’s prepare the toppings with thick paper. Use 250 gsm paper to draw and cut out the details.

To speed things up, use a circular stencil for drawing. It’s optional but saves time, especially if you’re making several crafts.

Pizza Toppings on Cardstock Paper

Draw tomatoes or ham on red paper, olives on black, mushrooms on white, and basil leaves on green. Then, cut them out with precision scissors. Kids can join in on this step and even create their own toppings.

Paper Pizza Topings

Once all the toppings are cut out and the paint on the cardboard base is dry, your pizza set is ready for play!

Let your child get creative with arranging the toppings and serving them on plates.

Diy pretend Play Pizza

There are countless cardboard toy ideas, and we absolutely adore this one.

Pretend Play Pizza Craft

Feel free to use any toppings you like; we kept it simple by using what’s easiest to cut. If you love this idea and want to try it later, be sure to pin this blog for a quick reference.

Diy cardboard Pretend Play pizza


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