Easy way to make an awesome Play kitchen for your child using Cardboard (Shoebox)

This Mini Cardboard play kitchen is perfect for kids to have fun cooking play stuff.

It is a lovely quick project to do during the weekend. All you need to do is add some bits & pieces to a shoebox, and voila; In 10 minutes, you have got a play kitchen for your child.

cardboard play kitchen made with shoebox- hob,worktop,

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Why I made a cardboard play kitchen?

There is a plethora of awesome play kitchen in the market. In particular, I love IKEA play kitchen and always wanted to buy it since my child turned one.

However, If you have space constrain in your apartment, you will find yourself postponing getting one for your toddler, just exactly like we did.

So I just made a DIY Cardboard play kitchen and got some Kitchen accessories.

play kitchen accessories - veggies, plates, spoons, forks, storage

It is a compact and adorable kitchen, and my child enjoys to pretend cooking and serving dishes for her toy friends and us.

The Mini kitchen also has inner compartments to store all the kitchen accessories?  Can you believe all the items in the below picture is stored in the box itself?

play kitchen picnic

In general, here are some benefits of making toys from cardboards

  • Cardboard toys save tons of money on something your child might lose interest in sooner or later. We can make these literally for free!
  • Moreover, Cardboard recycling reduces the volume of waste sent to landfill.
  • You can easily customise the toys according to your child’s need and style.
  • Cardboard is so easy to work with.

How to Make a Cardboard Play kitchen

Our handy Play kitchen is made from a medium-sized Nike shoebox. As you see, It is just so simple to make, But I am just going to share all the materials used along with some trip and tricks.

Things needed:

  • Shoebox
  • Milk carton caps
  • Cardboard strips
  • Felt sheet in Black and grey
  • Tape (Optional)

Choose a shoebox that has a plain outer finish, So that you can avoid the work involved to give a finishing touch with paint or texture paper.

Hove to make a Cardboard Play kitchen

  • Begin by Cutting the felt patches; We will need a Square grey piece and 4 black circles (7 to 10 cm in dia)  for the hob.
  • If you do not have felt, You can definitely use Paper instead. It is much easier to cut.

shoebox felt pieces - thins needed to make a play kitchen

  • Stick the felt cutouts over the top surface with hot glue.
  • Again use Hot glue gun to stick the 4 milk carton caps on the front side, adjacent to Hob.
  • Make some inner compartments with the cardboard strips.
  • Insert some 2 or 3 Small Skewers on one side to hang the spoons and forks.

That’s all you need to do to make a Shoebox play kitchen. It hardly takes 15 minutes.

Shoebox play kitchen

If you do not have a plain box, You can easily paint it to fit your own child’s style or add any extras they may want.

This is so small and compact that you can store it on one of your kitchen shelves and give it when they want!

Let your mini-cook have fun!

Did this post inspire you to make one for your child? Let me know in the comments section.

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Ikea Play kitchen

Fast forward a year later, after making this cardboard play kitchen, we got the IKEA DUKTIK Play kitchen that I always desired. It is super awesome, and my child plays with it almost every day. I was so glad that we made this investment.

{I highly recommend IKEA play kitchen or some equivalent ones for kids when they turn 2.  I would rather invest 90$ on this kitchen instead of getting nine 10$ toys. }

But we still have this mini kitchen and use that as a storage box.  There are also days when she enjoys sitting and cooking in this shoebox play kitchen.

Either way, both are bound to bring hours of fun.

If you are a DIY mom or a Frugal mom, then I really suggest giving this cardboard play kitchen a try or else check out my pick on amazon

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Thank you for reading through this post!! If you found this helpful, please let me know in the comment section because I would love to hear from you!


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