Build a Sandcastle

Free Printable to build a Sandcastle

Your child can build many cute Sandcastles with our printable cutouts; ones that won’t wash away. This activity is an excellent idea to bring your kids to Sand-filled days at the beach.

Sandcastle printable cards

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Build a Sandcastle activity

My daughter loves to put pieces together to create something of her very own. This is one such fun activity that keeps her hands and minds busy.

With this free Printable of 2 pages, you will make 11 movable pieces of sandcastle and 6 Visual cards.


  • Download the free printable at the end of the blog post.
  • Print them on thick sheets like cardstock.
  • Cut them out to make 11 movable Pieces of the sandcastle and 6 visual cards
  • On the rear of each piece, I have added a piece of a 2mm Felt sheet so that it would be easy for the kid to pick and assemble as desired (You can skip this step if not required)

build a paper sandcastle printable

You can also laminate the pieces for multiple usages (But I do not recommend for this activity, Printing on cardstock is enough)

Now, let’s build a sandcastle with these printable cutouts.

How to play?

Invite the child to make a castle with the cards as a reference. They can start with the easiest card with just 4 or 5 pieces, then progress to more challenging cards.

Of course, the child can also arrange them randomly and build their own castle without the cards. It is a great activity to use their imagination to build their dream sandcastle.

Build a sandcastle activity

How do you store these pieces?

Games with so many tiny pieces tend to get lost often if not stored properly. I like to Store them in Letter envelopes or Pouches. You know, this is a great way to stay organized if you have many activities like these.

Let your child have fun building these sandcastles! Download it right away by clicking on the button below.

Please note that the Printable is for personal or classroom use only. If you have a family or friend who would like this, please send them over to this post to download their own copy.

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Sandcastle made with paper

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