Banana leaf scissor skills

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This Banana Leaf scissor skills activity delivers so much fun while enhancing your child’s fine motor skills. It’s a hands-on and engaging approach.

Whether you’re doing Festival-themed Activities such as Onam or Pongal, or exploring a Tropical unit with your preschoolers, this scissor skills activity is an excellent option.

This free printable includes 10 distinct Banana Leaf cards, allowing kids to practice cutting in ten different creative ways.

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Banana leaf scissor skills Printable

What is the Significance of the Banana Leaf in Indian Culture?

Banana leaves are always a part of any South Indian festival and special occasions. On auspicious days, we eat food on these leaves instead of plates.

Eating on a banana leaf is healthy in many ways. Also, hot food served on it turns very flavorful and aromatic.

We cut the big leaf in parts to make it perfect to serve food.

food served on banana leaf

Do you know that Banana leaves can be 2 meters in length?

Yes! Banana leaves are very large, flexible, and waterproof and have a wide range of applications, particularly in south Indian cuisine.

The best thing is that their biodegradability makes them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plates.

As a child, I liked cutting different shapes out of the banana leaf to make crafts. I felt my preschooler too would love cutting a leaf printable and thus created these scissor skills cards with Banana Leaf.

Let’s learn more about this activity.

How to use these Banana leaf scissor skills cards?

Download the Free printable at the end of the post by signing up!

This printable pack contains 3 pages with 10 different cards. Print the Pages and cut the cards out!  To make it easy for your child to hold and cut, I recommend printing them on cardstock.

You can also Cut out the leaves from the cards to make it more fun for your child!  So here we have 10 Leaves with scissors.

banana leaves ready to cut

Once the cards are ready, let the child pick their favourite card and cut the leaf. Give instructions to the child to start cutting along the dotted lines.

Banana leaf scissor skill practice

Encourage a THUMBS UP position while holding the scissors. A few cards are more complex than others. Feel free to skip them if your kids find it difficult.

Our daughter only prefers and uses Regular scissors! However, I recommend starting with Toddler-safe scissors for safety reasons.

Hope your kids will love this hands-on activity!

Banana Leaf scissor skills printable

To begin immediately, download this by signing up at the end of the post. If you want to access it later, pin this image for future reference.

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Download the Banana Leaf Scissor Skills Printable

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