Animals in Winter Learning Pack

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Animals in Winter is an exciting topic to teach your Preschooler or Kindergarten kid during this cold season.

Kids get curious about Animals when it is Freezing chill and Snowing outside. This Learning Pack has all the answers to teach your child how animals survive in Winter.

How do Animals survive in the winter

Learn About Hibernation, Migration and Adaptation

What do animals do to avoid freezing and stay warm in the Winter season?

Most animals that live in Cold regions have three ways to get through the Winter Safely.

  1. Hibernation
  2. Migration
  3. Adaptation.

How do animals survive in the Winter

What is Hibernation? 

Some animals get into a long sleep to conserve energy and Live off on Body fat. They Wake up when it is warm again in Springtime.

Some Example of Animals that Hibernate in Winter are Bears, Hedgehogs, Land Snail, Garter Snake and Bat

What is Migration? 

Migration is Moving to a Different Place for Better Living Condition. Not only do Birds Migrate, Mammals and Insects also Migrate.

Some Examples of Animals that Migrate in Winter are Caribou, Canada Goose, Arctic Tern, Tundra Swan and Blue whale.

Migrating animals in winter

What is Adaptation? 

Changing Appearance or Behaviour due to the weather is known as Adaptation.

Some Examples of Animals that Adapt in winter are Arctic Fox, Arctic hare, Muskox, Red Fox and Red cardinal.

Animals in Winter Interactive Learning Pack

This “Animals in winter Learning Pack” is created with Engaging Activities that will help kids learn the concept of Hibernation, Migration and  Adaptation. 

I did a lot of research while creating this learning pack and enjoyed Learning Fascinating things about animals. I have put together all the information in a format that Kids will love.

Let me walk you through the contents of the Learning pack in this Video.

It is a 32 Page resource Jam-Packed with Information and Fun Activities.

  • 5 Learning pages to teach the concept of Hibernation, migration and Adaptation.
  •  3 Anchor charts with 12 animals that undergo Hibernation, Migration and Adaptation.
  • 6 Fact sheets contain Interesting facts about 36 Animals that helps the kid to remember exactly what each animal do in Winter.
  • Sorting cards is an interactive way to sort and practice what they just learned.
  • Ten worksheets reinforce the learned concepts and improve fine motor skills.

Get the printable here

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Animals in winter Learning pack

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